Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.2.6] [ArcGames] PC + MAC + Android เลือกโหลดได้ครับ


You are the hero - or possibly villain - of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope... or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Thread Updated: 2019-10-09
Release Date: 2019-10-06
Developer: ArcGames Patreon - SubscribeStar - Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, Fantasy, RPG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Ahegao, Corruption, Pregnancy, Adventure, Mind control, Masturbation, Handjob, Mobile game, Oral sex, Vaginal sex


Extract and run.



Gramps: New Story Event! (Go to the Manor garden during the day)
Kana: New Love Event!
Kana: New Naughty option!
Martial Training: Level One training available
Martial Training: Level Two training available
New Map: Mountains Map
New Location: Train Station
New Location: Gramps' Dojo
Misc: Added a "kinder" route to Jessica's last event
Misc: You no longer have to be naughty with Jessica to unlock the Manor purchase
Misc: More Hero/Villain, Kind/Harsh choices added to existing scenes
Misc: Changed "Hunting" stat to "Martial"
Bug: Various bugfixes

Jessica: New Love Event (This is a biggie, with over 2000 lines of code, 76 renders and 12 animations!)
Jessica: TWO new Naughty options
Jessica: Level 1 Sub training now available!
Gwen: Level 1 Sub training now available!
Pixie: Can now ask her for help. She will explain Character Card hints and give clues about how to find Easter Eggs.
Property: You can now BUY and UPGRADE the Manor!
New Location: East Hallway
New Location: Dungeon
Misc: Finished compressing the game! No loss of quality, but 300MB smaller!
Misc: Added some more "villain" dialogue options to previous scenes. This is an ongoing change.

Jessica: New Love Event
Jessica: New Naughty option
Emma: New Love Event
Asteria: New Love Event
Misc: Continuing to work on compressing image files
Misc: Updated/changed some old graphics
Bug: General bugfixes

Jessica: New Story Event
Emma: New Story Event
Chloe: Will now disappear in the afternoons to look after Alice
Group: New Repeatable Random Event (Breakfast)
Group: New Repeatable Event (Weekend Afternoons)
Daydream: You can now Daydream about any of the Council members.
New Location: The Park
Misc: Pressing the "ESC" key will now close menus (Character Cards, etc.)
Misc: Begun converting .png files to .webp to decrease filesize of game.
Bug: General bugfixes
Bug: Fixed a couple of typos

Qarinah: New Story Event
Qarinah: New Outfit
Qarinah: New Animations
Asteria: New Story Event
Luna: New Story Event
Roxy: New Story Event
Pixie: Reactivated some room scenes from Act One
New Character: Luna
New Character: Roxy
New Location: The Nexus
New Location: Asteria's Demesne
New Location: Luna's Demesne
New Location: Qarinah's Demesne
New Location: Roxy's Demesne
Misc: Changed "Pharmacy" to "General Store"
Bug: General bugfixes for Act Two
Bug: Typos, typos, typos. Actually very few this week!

Kana: New Love Event
Kana: New Secret Event (related to the secret decoration!)
Asteria: New Story Event - Meet the Minotaur!
Jessica: New Mini Event (repeatable)
Decorations: You can now decorate the Manor bedroom
Decorations: 2 new decorations (1 of which is secret)
New Manor Room: Garden
Daydreams: You can now Daydream again!
New Shop: Pharmacy
Misc: Moved the "Stop Exploring" button to the far-right
Misc: You can no longer enter the Act One Finale without completing all quests
Bug: Fixed a few Act One and Act Two bugs
Bug: Typos. Always typos...

Pixie: 2 new Story Events! (1 Repeatable)
Pixie: New Outfit! (Unlocks: Bathing)
Pixie: Now has a sleeping animation.
Gwen: 1 new Story Event
Chloe: 1 new Story Event
Chloe: New Outfit!
Chloe: Remade her special animations
Lily: Special animations available again
Lily: You can now work in the bar again.
Jessica: Jessica will now appear by the pool on weekend afternoons.
New Manor Room - Bathroom
Misc: You can now skip time from the Map Screens
Misc: Changed the Manor front door options to be clearer
Bug: Fixed a couple of typos.

Gwen: 1 new animated scene (2 variations)
Chloe: 1 new animated scene (2 variations)
Annie: 1 new AWAKEN scene
Can now PURCHASE and UPGRADE the Farm!
New system - Character Cards!
New system - Property Cards!
New system - Days of the Week (Get paid on Monday!)
Animated conversations (this is an experiment. Let me know what you think!)
Misc: Changed map icons to better fit in with new interior-navigation system
Misc: Changed "Stats" icon. "Heart" icon is now used for Character Cards
Bug fix: Fixed being able to talk to Gwen and Chloe at night.
Bug fix: Fixed a couple of minor typos.

173 new renders
24 new animations
New location

New Chastity Event
New Jessica Control Event
New Repeatable Kana Event
New Power (It'll come in handy later...)
New small Events (Five of them).
Misc: Add/update dialogue in earlier scenes
Misc: Changed Pixie's outfit code. Removed inventory item.

This week's update is preparing the way for August's MONTH OF CONTENT!
Continuation of Emma storyline
Veronica Control Event!
Continuation of Jessica storyline
Misc: Android build now has a proper app icon (goodbye little robot!)
Misc: Added/updated dialogue in some older scenes. Little more lore/background
Bugfix: Flat bg now displays properly when starting Morgana Drift quest

Just a tiny update this week, due to a surprise week-long visit from an old friend and a stinking headcold that laid me out pretty thoroughly. Back to normal from the next update!
Adjustments to code to help streamline August's MONTH OF CONTENT!
New Kana event (with headrub!)
New flat decorations!

NOTE: If you are loading an old save from your flat and you get image errors when decorating, just leave your flat and return and the images will be working. Then just save your game again and it'll work fine when you load it up in the future. (Thanks to GhillieNDAMist5 for pointing this out!)
Coding tweaks, including new layered imaging for Pixie
Bugfix: Added succubus scene to Extras gallery
New mechanic! Decorate your flat!
New Shop (The "FUN-ITURE!")
New decoration items: (1 bed, 2 ornaments, 3 posters)
Continuation of Chastity storyline (VOTE WINNER!)

A few small tweaks to old scenes
New Pixie scene (Voting Winner!)
New Kana scene
Small Succubus event
Reworked "Leads" text display to better accommodate future mechanics

Slightly shorter update this week due to some personal issues. Everything's back to normal now, though!
Numerous coding tweaks (to make my life easier)
Minor bugfixes
Lily can now reach LEVEL TWO Control
TWO new characters (Annie and our first commissioned character, Kana!)
Level 2 PHYSICAL training!
New location!

Various changes to better support Android releases
Added more Leads
Leads now inform you if you can't go any further in the current version!
TWO new characters (Veronica and Chastity appear!)
New Events at the college!
New unique outfit for Lily! (Work at bar when Lily is at Control 1 or higher for a chance to find it!)
CHARISMA can now be raised to level 2! (Look for a certain book in a certain place at a certain time)

Initial Release
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