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Publisher: Cool Springs Press
by Editors of Cool Springs Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1591865980
ISBN-13: 978-1591865988
600 pages
452 MB

All the Do-It-Yourself information you need for your home repairs: easy to search through, even easier to use.
The editors at Cool Springs Press know a thing or two about DIY home improvement and maintenance; we\'ve been writing about it for the past quarter-century, and we have more than a few bestsellers under our tool belts. Until now, there\'s been one thing missing: an ultimate, fully-loaded, ridiculously over-packed reference book for every home project you can dream of; the compilation of our longstanding expertise; the home how-to book to crush all others. The good news doesn\'t stop there; Black & Decker The Book of Home How-To is designed to reflect the way we search for information today. You won\'t find chapters or long, boring introductions or even a table of contents. This book is an A-to-Z encyclopedia with precise how-to instructions and clear photos packed onto every page. With an expanded index that is incredibly intuitive and a simple, alphabetical strategy for organizing the information, you won\'t spend precious time wading through stuff you don\'t need to know. Finding first-rate information on home care has never been easier, and all the most common tasks around your home are covered--including electrical, plumbing, flooring, walls, windows and doors, cabinetry, insulating, heating and cooling, roofing and siding, and just about any repair or remodeling project you can imagine.
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