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After global epidemic, every man on Earth died except you. You should investigate the cause of what happened, why it has not affected your character and try to adapt and survive in the new world. Develop your hero, uncover plans of secret organizations, join alliances with new factions, participate in gang war for territories, create your army and fight with other players online. And of course meet many single women. All of your decisions and actions during the game will affect future events.


Last Man – porn quest game with RPG elements. This is one of the biggest indie games for adults. The game is updated weekly, following the example of comics or series, bringing with each new version the continuation of the plot and new features. Please take into account that some of the content, which is currently in development, can be accessed only by accounts subscribed to early access. This is a multiplayer game. You will not meet other players, but you can influence each other's gameplay. Attack the Bases of other players, or collect resources together to launch exciting events, and so on.

Thread Updated: 2019-11-20

Release Date: 2019-11-20

Developer: Vortex Cannon Entertainment Website - Patreon

Other Games: Red Pill

Censored: No

Version: 3.02

OS: Windows, Mac, Android

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Korea, Romanian, Ukrainian



Real porn, Male protagonist, Adventure, Dating sim, Sci-fi, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Anal sex, Masturbation, Mobile game



1 - Download and install game.

2 - You need account to play. It's Free.

3 - Click game icon or run Last_Man.exe to start playing.

NOTE: Android Requirements: 2GB RAM, 4GB storage





In this build, the storyline with Ruby, a girl from auto service, received an alternative way. Earlier in this event there were already several options for the development of events, for example, if you immediately respond to her request, or postpone it for later. Now there is an option when you deliberately ignore her request, and later you’ll find out what this lead to.

Another change that you’ve asked for a long time. Now it is possible to specify the name of your character by yourself and in the game everyone will contact you by your name. So you can more deeply roleplay your hero. In this regard, the game will show you the character’s window, where you can set a name and, if you want, redistribute the hero’s abilities points once again. Full support for this function so far is only in English and partially it also works in several other translations. In the next few builds, this will apply to all translations.

Two past scenes also received updates. It is one of the flashbacks with Kate and about work of our hero and, also, the final scene in the CARMA camp. These events received new code and updated dialogs.

A critical bug was fixed that prevented getting to the map after one of the overnights. Fixed a rare problem when there is not enough energy to leave the city on the 21st day. Also, minor corrections were made to some other flashbacks in the game.

In my author’s column you will find a big post about the upcoming updates of the Hero’s Base. If you have your own ideas, it’s time to leave them in the comments.

Alternative walkthrough for quests with Ruby

Added the ability to change the name of the hero

Updated flashback with Kate

Final scene at CARMA camp updated

Fixed a bug with access to the map after one of the nights

Minor fixes in flashbacks



In the new build has added several small scenes that can appear when you will spending the night in a Dorm. They can be both in the evening and in the morning. This will help diversify your game if you are stayed little bit longer with quests in the third city.

Also, some old scenes received the update. Event, where our hero meets Masha first on the road, and then Oksana, and both girls invite him the next day. Some players missed this point, and did not fulfill the promises given to the girls, or one of them, because of which they lost access to some other events with these girls. Now these girls will not be so categorical, and if you have already earned a good reputation with them before, they will be able to forgive you this fail (but it’s better not to deceive the girls :)).

Also, updates received a scene with Vera, after she took our hero to a hidden entrance to a secret cave, and a flashback with Kate, about the past of our hero. These events received changes in actions and additional dialogs.

All these three events received a new, more stable code, and the sex scenes in them got the opportunity to rewind.

New events in the Dorm after an overnight stay

Updated scene with Masha and Oksana by the lake

Updated scene with Vera after exploring the cave

Updated flashback with Katya about the hero of the game

More sex scenes got the opportunity to rewind

Game optimization



So we come to the third version of the game. Recently, a lot of work has done for improving the gameplay. So, the selection of locations has ceased to be random, and events are pregenerated depending on your actions. The system of skills has changed. Random books and hidden alpha points have been deleted, and now you create your hero yourself. And, depending on your parameters, girls can react differently, and quests can be taken in a different way.

To make it easier for you to pass the game by different heroes, the “New Game +” system was created. It tracks your progress in the game and for completing quests, events and achievements, activates bonuses on your account. It can be either additional unlocked days and game money, or new mechanics, for example, a chance to get more energy when using canned food.

Of course, a lot of work has done with girls. Many of them received the end of their storylines, and with some the hero had just begun acquaintance. Dozens of old scenes were updated, girls received new actions and dialogs. And so that you do not get confused in the set of storylines, a detailed Quest List has been added, which describes your every step, and tips are given where to move on.

This, of course, is only part of the big work that has been done from version 2.0 to the current one. Do not forget that you can also participate in the development of the game: offer your ideas, write about the problems and bugs found.

In this version, of course, there were some new features as well. Ruby got a continuation of her storyline. After you find her tools, and take her to the city, you can find a new scene where you will learn more about her past. To start this flashback, you need to go to rest to the Dorm.

The New Game + system has been updated and new achievements have been added to help you track your progress. Including a new special achievement in honor of 3.0 build – it will last only one week.

Translations into Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified) have been updated. Thanks to all these guys and girls who help me with this, you are the best.

Continuation of the storyline with Ruby

New Game + System Update

New achievements

Game optimization

Updated translations into Spanish, Italian, French and Chinese (traditional and simplified) languages



The game engine has been updated in this build. It affected many parts of the game, expanded support for devices and operating systems. The file structure has also been slightly modified. Unfortunately, in the past, such updates brought with them some bugs. So, if you notice any oddities, do not hesitate to contact for support through a bug tracker.

Some flashbacks with Kate, the girlfriend of our hero, also received updates. New actions were added and dialogs expanded. Oksana also received some new dialogues. This mainly concerns the disclosure of some details about their lives before the epidemic.

Another batch of updates was received the hero’s Base, as well as the font system in some localizations.

New version of the game engine

Changed file structure

Updated several flashbacks with Kate

Updated dialogues with Oksana

Correction of errors on the hero’s Base

Minor bugs fixed



Today we have a continuation of the story quest with the beauty Ruby. The girl who hold the last service station in Leesburg. Earlier, she asked our hero to find her tool box, which is important to her, as the memory of her father. But soon we will find out if everything is really so simple.

Also, some other game systems received their improvements. The Album of the game, with the passed scenes, began to work a little faster. The Quest List received additional hints, and the missed steps in the quests were filled.

The display of some achievements has been fixed. I remind you that the bonuses for the achievement you get begin to work immediately, and they are saved even if you start the game from another place or from the very beginning.

The hero’s Base received another update with corrections. Improved selection of opponents in the multiplayer missions and fixed rare freezes when you entering the location. Soon I will publish a separate post in my author’s column about the new season at hero’s Base and what changes it will bring.

Continuation of the story quest with Ruby

Some improvements in the work of the Album of the game

Updated Quest List

Achievement Corrections

Fixed rare freezes on the Hero Base

Game optimization



Today we have an update for the club and public versions of the game. Some locations from th

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